Do you have your ear to the ground?

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Remember in Lord of the Rings when Aragorn has just sorted out this guy? And he says “Let’s hunt some orc” or something like that.  He, Gimli and Legolas, go running off across the mountains.  Every now and then he does this: customer measures - Aragorn has his ear to the ground He [...]

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Value Chain – Creating value goes beyond recipe

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Apologies up front for the photo - if this doesn't make your mouth water nothing will. How do you make a cup of tea?  Piece of cake!  Bags in a pot, throw in the water.  You just have to decide whether you pouring for a MIF or a TIF and everyone is happy. But how [...]

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Look before you leap – External Analysis

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External Analysis The featured picture is a shot of downtown Swakopmund – the original department store Woermann Brock, established in 1894. A while back I worked with a guy called Basil at Rössing Uranium near Swakopmund, Namibia.  And this is what he told me.  His wife opened a baby supplies shop in the town.  Commerce [...]

Lead Measures: How to turn an Oil Tanker

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Use lead measures to realise your strategy For a start you need a rudder large enough. And then you need to be able to move the rudder from one side to the other. I am not a marine engineer but I am told that there are no hydraulic or mechanical devices powerful [...]

Weave magic into your leadership with these three steps

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  I have a client who sells cars.  He is a master at this.  He told me about the process.  I watched him go through all of the intricate detail of the sales process with his team.  He knows the process inside-out.  He often illustrates the dynamics of closing a sale.  Buying a car is [...]

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Have you considered how these points affect your resources?

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If you enjoy the off-the-wall humour of memes, this may come as a bit of a wet blanket: Not the most memorable meme to be sure.  But I promise I will not leave you here.  In searching for a lede for this newsletter I remembered a story from my past. I did time in this [...]

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Conversaction Newsletter – May 2012

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Perspective  Are you (tired of) driving with one foot on gas and the other on the brake? Here is a drawing of the chair on which I sit to work. To be precise, it is a drawing of what the chair isn’t. A drawing of the negative shapes around the chair. When my first art teacher, [...]

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Conversaction Newsletter – April 2012

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Perspective: So what is strategy (actually) We all know those two clichés about the elephant, the first about its encounter with some blind men (1,190,000 hits in Google) and the second about it being in the room (69,700,000 hits). The reason sayings become cliché is that they highlight truths in such a compelling way that, for [...]

Conversaction – March 2012

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Perspective: Action counts In life we achieve results through action. Sustained, purposeful, meaningful action. This is the only way you will create a unique experience, your personal contribution to the world. Prolonged aimless, worthless and unrealistic activity produces inferior results. Ultimately, if you do nothing, you get nothing. Picture from Reddit Nobody cares about your intentions. Intentions are [...]

Conversaction – February 2012

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Perspective: Happiness The other day a woman in large 4x4 pulled up next to me in the parking lot at the gym. I glanced up to see how close she parked. She fixed me with sullen stare. And held it there.  Each time I looked up, I caught the baleful gaze. It was like something [...]

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