Looking is not seeing – Seeing is not (necessarily) perceiving

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This is a painting of a friend, Vera. She kindly allowed me to use one of her photos from Facebook.as material for portrait practice. I did more than 15 drawings and 11 watercolour portraits from that photo.   And they are all completely different.  In terms of likeness, some are better than others but even [...]

Are you living in a monochrome palette?

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I have a presentation called "Your Life in Light and Colour".  In this presentation I use the painting of a watercolour as a metaphor for life, or at least life in business.  This has been well received and now I have decided to take it forward as an offer.   I am rewriting the material [...]

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Business in light and colour

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Facts do not drive change, emotions drive change.  As a consultant and coach I help leaders and their teams with the conversations that lead to clear strategies and plans.  As a watercolourist I continually come across similarities between the principles governing the creation of successful watercolours and perspectives leading to effective teams. In this presentation [...]

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