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At StrategyWorks we craft the strategic conversation in all of its expected and unexpected shapes and colour

We work with the business leaders, tasked with delivering strategy, who want make a difference in their teams. They want to create something unique. Often they want to change their industry.

As a leader you are called to deliver – through your team

This requires you to periodically review your progress against your strategy and your plan. Turmoil is usual in the business environment. Sudden, wide-ranging, high-impact changes are commonplace. Organisations seek tools, processes and skills to proficiently review, redirect and refocus their strategy.

Sometimes there is very little to review. The team followed the plan but did not record their progress. Sometimes last-year’s plan lies unopened. In the worst cases, staff are disengaged, managers have their very own agenda and teams don’t know where they are going.

Leaders find me when they are ready to get moving.  They have had enough of false starts, inadequate implementation and lost opportunities.  Sometimes they are discouraged or under threat.  Always they are ready to find a better way.

What can you do if you this is you?

Well it really is not a secret. Teams work best when they have a compelling direction. Get the team together and give them your plan. Get agreement, definition and initiate the action.

People settle down and focus when they know they are to work as individuals or in teams. When team structures and values are quite clear to them they take-up the approach, engage in the work before them and deliver.

Furthermore people engage and thrive as they are rewarded, trained and informed, as teams or individuals as decided.

It’s simple!

It’s tricky!  

And actually, it’s not that simple.

Setting strategy is messy. Your role as strategic leader is to embrace the messiness and somehow create order out of all the information.  Then you are called to draw, from the realm of ideas, the actions governing how your people spend their days.  For strategy to be effective your people must commit themselves to the supporting plan. Therefore they need to understand the plan. Your plan must be their plan. We only ever commit to what we have created ourselves.  So it must be their plan.

There is a way. There are ways to frame information to provide insight.  There are ways to engage the team in effective discourse.  There are ways to clarify plans.   The people in your team can focus each hour of each day on the work required for success.

And that’s what I do

When our work is done together, you and your team are executing a common plan.  Together you and I may work through the inevitable yet unexpected obstacles in the process of delivery.

Navigating Change

[including toolkit]

 Change can be excruciatingly painful.

Business Strategy is about change

Understanding the reasons behind some of the bizarre behaviour happening in teams during change can be reassuring.  We may kid ourselves that ‘unconscious’ means ‘unimportant’.  However nothing could be further from the truth.  Unconscious process has the greatest effect on how we behave.

Download the ebook to read about the processes going on under the hood in your team as you implement your strategy.

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Define, plan and execute your Business Strategy

Chart your course – Overcome the obstacles – Achieve your goals

Your team will succeed as they engage with your compelling direction. They will commit themselves as you involve them in the discourse to align their unique competencies to the opportunities in your chosen segment of the market. At StrategyWorks we lead clients through four phases towards achieving your business strategy.



Setting business strategy is messy. Yes it’s good to have an agenda to chart the path through the chaos.  But clarity on your compelling direction is unlikely to come only through a tidy process of ticking boxes.  Are you ready for ambiguity, anxiety and flashes of brilliance?

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Map out the big components of your strategy.  Define who you are, what you do, what your present to your market and the targets you intend to achieve.

Your monthly plans give you twelve big steps from where you are to what you want to be.

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The value of your business strategy  depends solely on execution. It all comes down to how each responsible person spends their time.  Does everyone in your organisation plan their time in the light of your strategic objectives?  Do they commit and deliver on a weekly basis?

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How do you process setbacks?  Who listens to your concerns? Who creates the space for you to talk through your difficulties, without giving advice? The last thing you want is advice!  And how do you get your teams on board?

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Other approaches to support your business strategy

All of the above looks good on paper but is hard to do.  And it can be a lonely journey.  As a leader it is good to have someone come alongside to start the journey.  And teams invariably need guidance as they begin to work together.  There is a special set of skills required to survive and thrive as a member of a team.

At StrategyWorks we incorporate leadership and team coaching into our work with teams.  

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How we help you succeed.

Free Resources

Download articles and templates, for free. In addition to the give-away articles, I write a weekly posting about Business Strategy, Team Leadership and Personal Mastery in my blog.

I also send out each posting as a weekly newsletter.  Be sure never to miss a posting by joining the list of subscribers.  You can do this by downloading your free e-book on Change in Teams where you will be asked to submit your name and email address.

Online Courses

Coaching in person can be time consuming and expensive.  Now you can get the value of the material covered in individual and group coaching, but in a step-by-step online course.  These online courses cover:

  • Personal Mastery
  • Team Leadership
  • Business Strategy Development

As a participant you will receive course material once a week.  Once a month you will be invited to an online conversation to discuss your experience, learnings and difficulties in working with the material.

To sign up for an online course, join the StrategyWorks club and select the stream you want to follow.

Group Intervention

As organisations move from hierarchy, command and control to empowerment and self-managed teams they engage in intense conversation.  Through this dialogue teams let go of what doesn’t work any more as they face wave after wave of change.

But discussion doesn’t always work.   Conversation may be torn by heightened emotions or drowned in stagnant backwaters of defensive behaviour.

Your group can learn effective conversation in which everyone listens with palpable respect and clearly presents their ideas.

Read more about this offer on our facilitation and group coaching page.

Individual Coaching

Even in effective action our thinking can become mired in denial or repetitive patterns. Receiving
focussed attention can bring clarity, highlight choices and stimulate engagement.

Sometimes a clear picture of your current situation is enough. But through coaching you can also
develop and execute a plan of action while keeping in view the big picture of where you are going.
Empowerment is not an easy option. With this solution you can expect support as you take on your
responsibility and authority.

Read more about the energy and enthusiasm released in coaching in our page on individual coaching.

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