Personal Mission Statement

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A mason was asked “what are you doing?” He said “can’t you see I am chipping stone” and carried on hammering in a lacklustre way. When asked the same question, another mason replied “I am building a cathedral” and continued hammering joyfully away. I have always been a little sceptical of this story.  It sounds [...]

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Accountability Tool

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Accountability is a two-way street.  When you have committed to what you will do and I have committed to what I will do we are able to hold each other accountable for what we have to do. So far so good. But if we leave it till the end of the task to follow up [...]

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Leverage performance –step 3

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So what about the non-performers? They don’t deliver and they demotivate the more enthusiastic members who are left wondering why the weak links are tolerated by the leadership. But before you go and sharpen your axe. There is self-reflection required and a softer approach to consider.

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Five Dysfunctions in Teams

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Five Dysfunctions:  Trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, results You have the right people, you have a challenging project and a supportive organisational environment, but still there is hesitation.  How do you initiate delivery? J Richard Hackman, professor of social and organisational psychology at Harvard University, shows that developing interpersonal relationships alone has no effect on team performance.  Sirota [...]

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