Learning cycle: Break out of your Groundhog Day

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In the movie “Groundhog Day” Phil get’s stuck in a time loop and gets to relive the same day over and over. He tries different ways to fill his time. Eventually, tired of the repetition, he finds that not even suicide can get him out of the loop. it’s a very old movie, a classic, [...]

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Lead Measures: How to turn an Oil Tanker

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Use lead measures to realise your strategy For a start you need a rudder large enough. And then you need to be able to move the rudder from one side to the other. I am not a marine engineer but I am told that there are no hydraulic or mechanical devices powerful [...]

Learn from success to increase growth

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Ducati Corse entered the Grand Prix motorcycle circuit for the first time in 2003. As newcomers on the circuit their strategy was to acquire knowledge in order to develop a better bike for future seasons.   They fitted their bikes with sensors to capture data and the riders were debriefed after every race to get input [...]

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Are you living in a monochrome palette?

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I have a presentation called "Your Life in Light and Colour".  In this presentation I use the painting of a watercolour as a metaphor for life, or at least life in business.  This has been well received and now I have decided to take it forward as an offer.   I am rewriting the material [...]

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Perception is different from reality – Perception is reality

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Who drives the better car?  The other day I saw some reading an article comparing the 4x4 performance of Landrover and Landcruiser.   He finished the article, nodded knowingly and handed it to his mate.   When he had finished he said “Well that is conclusive then, Landcruiser is a better 4x4 than Landrover”.   [...]

Shades of dependence

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One of the most common rules for workshops is “Candour”.  “Speak your mind!”  But this is often the most difficult to practice.  To understand this reticence let’s consider our growth process and development from dependence. We grow in cycles. On entry into the world we see ourselves as part of our mother, “me and mom [...]

Your inner team

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Reviews of scientific literature have solidly demonstrated the existence of unconscious mental processes. Much of our mental life, including thoughts emotions and motives are unconscious.  Conscious and unconscious thought and feelings operate in parallel.  The mental process that deals consciously with reality is ‘The Ego’. The ego does its best to translate the expectations of [...]

The inner dialogue – the chatter

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Brainwashing is a powerful way to get people to change their perceptions. But each one of us has a mechanism that constantly floods us with information affecting our view of reality.  The Reticular Activating System in our brain processes all incoming data and deletes information not congruent with our current beliefs, presuppositions and, assumptions.  In [...]

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Learning: Tools for your Earthwalk

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Learning from experience is not a foregone conclusion. In fact we are as likely not to learn if there is anyway we can avoid it.  Here is a learning model given to me by my good friend Arthur Gobey.  Here we are living life, ready for the next experience.  At our side is our tool [...]

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Break the Code

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In the early days of independence in Namibia, President Nujoma travelled in a cavalcade with guards armed to the teeth and quick to protect.  I am not sure how true they were, but there were stories of people having their tyres shot out at road blocks.  Everyone knew this.  One day on the road North [...]