Solution-Focused Coaching – tools for team interaction

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We think we are open-minded. We assume we see all perspectives on an issue in a balanced, fair and Solution-Focused way. However research by Herbert Simon shows this not to be true. Our capacity to think freely is always bound by what we already know. And new ideas push us into the realm of resistance [...]

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Take these leadership steps to create team magic

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Most organisations use leadership in teams to achieve goals Even with the best technology, most efficient processes, and most exciting ideas, you ultimately implement your strategy through people. Probably people in teams! which means you will need leadership.  Unless you have these guys at your disposal: Teams will allow you to undertake larger, more complex [...]

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A Productive Day in these Four Acts

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You have your Strategy, your business model in strategy map format and your plan or Balanced Scorecard. You have your execution engine. You have even oiled the gearbox translating the daily work of individuals into relevant effort. Now all you need is fuel for your strategy engine. How do you get each person to do [...]

Beat procrastination with these willpower boosters

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End your struggle with procrastination   This is pathos.  Though couched in humour, so much of Calvin’s experience cuts to the heart.  We can all relate to this message.  Procrastination is one of our besetting problems.  The search for ‘Procrastination Jokes’ returns 527,000 results in 0.31 seconds in Google.  This is a big deal in [...]

Personal Mission Statement

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A mason was asked “what are you doing?” He said “can’t you see I am chipping stone” and carried on hammering in a lacklustre way. When asked the same question, another mason replied “I am building a cathedral” and continued hammering joyfully away. I have always been a little sceptical of this story.  It sounds [...]

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Life rewards action

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In life we achieve results through action. Sustained, purposeful, meaningful action. This is the only way you will create a unique experience, your personal contribution to the world. Prolonged aimless, worthless and unrealistic activity produces inferior results. Ultimately, if you do nothing, you get nothing. Picture from Reddit Nobody cares about your intentions. Intentions are [...]


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I love the innovation and persistence illustrated in the story of Soichiro Honda.   As a young mechanic he had a dream of developing piston rings for Toyota.   He worked long hours, sometimes sleeping in his workshop.   But his designs were repeatedly turned down by Toyota and ridiculed by other engineers.   He [...]

You create your own experience

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Here is some thai wisdom from my Facebook friend, ข้าพเจ้าทองพูน บ้านบางหวาย: “ถ้าพ่อเล่นบล็อก เย็นนี้กินเกลือ” "If the father to play blog. This evening to eat salt." Internet has given us so much. But there are many distractions. It is quite possible to see a whole (real) life drain down the online plug-hole. I remember catching a fragment [...]

Solution-Focused Coaching – the space in-between

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In ‘The Mentalist’ Patrick Jane is a petty criminal turned consulting detective. Incredibly perceptive, with a deep understanding of human behaviour, he picks up all sorts of clues from people, alive or dead, that his likeable but flat-footed professional colleagues always miss. He then uses clever psychological ploys and strategies to get the perpetrator, whom [...]

Denial – the first obstacle to change

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Denial:  Change can only happen when you Acknowledge the need The film “K19 The Widowmaker” covers an event in one of the first Russian nuclear submarines in 1961. In the movie, they are under intense pressure to launch in time.  The nuclear technician knows there is a leak in the reactor. However he chooses denial [...]

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