Looking is not seeing – Seeing is not (necessarily) perceiving

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This is a painting of a friend, Vera. She kindly allowed me to use one of her photos from material for portrait practice. I did more than 15 drawings and 11 watercolour portraits from that photo.   And they are all completely different.  In terms of likeness, some are better than others but even [...]

Life rewards action

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In life we achieve results through action. Sustained, purposeful, meaningful action. This is the only way you will create a unique experience, your personal contribution to the world. Prolonged aimless, worthless and unrealistic activity produces inferior results. Ultimately, if you do nothing, you get nothing. Picture from Reddit Nobody cares about your intentions. Intentions are [...]

Take up the reins in your life

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Please allow me just a little conjecture. The man with a fancy hairdo, leading the horse proudly gestures towards something, perhaps their destination. His less distinct companion (who doesn’t even have legs) sits on the horse. I suppose this left me wondering what was being portrayed and whether the rider was a willing participant in [...]

Perception is different from reality – Perception is reality

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Who drives the better car?  The other day I saw some reading an article comparing the 4x4 performance of Landrover and Landcruiser.   He finished the article, nodded knowingly and handed it to his mate.   When he had finished he said “Well that is conclusive then, Landcruiser is a better 4x4 than Landrover”.   [...]

You create your own experience

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Here is some thai wisdom from my Facebook friend, ข้าพเจ้าทองพูน บ้านบางหวาย: “ถ้าพ่อเล่นบล็อก เย็นนี้กินเกลือ” "If the father to play blog. This evening to eat salt." Internet has given us so much. But there are many distractions. It is quite possible to see a whole (real) life drain down the online plug-hole. I remember catching a fragment [...]

Denial – the first obstacle to change

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Denial:  Change can only happen when you Acknowledge the need The film “K19 The Widowmaker” covers an event in one of the first Russian nuclear submarines in 1961. In the movie, they are under intense pressure to launch in time.  The nuclear technician knows there is a leak in the reactor. However he chooses denial [...]

Coaching the brain

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“Seeing is believing” has been well used since it was first recorded in 1639.  However, what we see will probably be different from what someone else sees and the ‘facts’ are not easily interpreted.  Wikipedia, where I found the above nugget, refers to this as a ‘sophistry’.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  Believing [...]

Red Oceans – are you drowning in a hypermature market?

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One day I will wear a pair of shoes like this: The footwear market is crowded with brands, all clamouring for attention.  This is a red ocean.  Birkenstocks have responded with shoes that are comfortable but known for their ugly appearance.  It is what Youngme Moon has classified as a ‘Hostile’ brand. In her book, [...]

Find your Voice

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The hyena, far from depending on scavenging, is an apex predator.  This regularly brings them into the kind of conflict with lions shown in the photo. Hyena clans maintain a strict social hierarchy across generations. Researchers have observed pups of high ranking animals bully the pups of lower ranking members into submission early in their [...]

What Matters?

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When I left home my mother advised me to get a good job with a big company, letting my boss look after me.  This, she promised, would lead to a fulfilled life.  As a student she was told she was South Africa’s next great concert pianist.  Instead she chose to teach.  Growing up, I watched [...]

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