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Balanced Scorecard: Align your action around a few key measures

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Sherlock Holmes uses key indicators. In one of the Sherlock Holmes stories he says “I watch these five people and when they do something different I know the game is afoot”.  It would be great to have such an arrangement in our organisation.  “We watch these eight measures and when one starts moving we know [...]

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Precepts for creating precepts

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Picture from Silvio Roli on Setting strategy can be complex. Organisations carry out complex analyses of who they are and how they can make the most of opportunities. The plan should be simple. The best teams know a few things they always ‘MUST’ do and a few things they know they must ‘NEVER’ do. [...]

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Intangible Assets: Strategy Map manages the hidden 80% of your value

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Intangible assets: manage the hidden 80% of your value through Strategy Map.  If you grew up in the ‘70s you will probably remember Bruce Lee. He burned brightly for a few short years as an icon in the American film industry. His films triggered a wave of interest in martial arts and changed the way [...]

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Business Model

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Apparently a business model is not strategy.   Many people use the terms ‘business model’, ‘strategy’ and ‘tactics’ interchangeably.  Here is a description of business models, by Casadesus-Masanell and Ricart (HBR Jan/Feb 2011) which brings some clarity. Business models Business models describe the logic of your company; the consequences you require and the choices you make [...]

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A Decision Framework

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I recently ran two workshops with different energies: In the first we planned a project. Although there were many unfinished ideas to be discussed, we agreed the tasks and deliverables which teams wrote up on sticky notes.  We sequenced the notes on a wall chart, putting in dependencies, responsibilities and durations.  I captured the plan in MS [...]

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paired comparison analysis

By |2016-11-18T10:04:11+00:00November 14th, 2009|Decision making, Facilitation, Models, Workshop|

Working Out the Relative Importance of Different Options. Paired Comparison Analysis is a good way of weighing up the relative importance of criteria, which may be conflicting.  It is useful where you do not have objective data to base this on or when priorities are not clear, or are competing in importance. Follow these steps [...]

grid analysis

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This is a mechanical, way to prioritise a list of possibilities against a set of cirtieria.  This can be used to facilitate decision making in a workshop. Use the following steps: List your options as rows in a table. List the factors that are important for making the decision as column headings. Decide on weightings [...]

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