So what is it like to work with StrategyWorks?

On this page we will tell you the kind of results our clients have reported and we will also give you a sense of our guiding  beliefs, our approach to the work we do with clients and what differentiates us from other coaches, facilitators and consultants.

Expected Results

Stephen is a first class facilitator.  He has a rare ability to create a workshop environment in which people feel encouraged to share information.  As a coach, the attention he focusses on his clients provides a positive, supportive and solutions focussed environment.   He applies all of these abilities to the process consulting he does as well as an analytical mind and knowledge of a broad range of models to suggest ways to deal with your particular requirements.

For strategy conversations

Your intention in strategic conversation is to engage your team in an agreed direction. If you are starting up a business, contemplating a change, facing more intense competition or preparing for your regular strategy review, you are looking for a high energy conversation in which everyone in your team is able to contribute.  We draw on a wide range of strategy models to customise a process for your particular requirements.  At the end of the process your team will contributed to and therefore will understand the high level plan, as captured in a Strategy Map.  They will have contributed to the agreed imperatives and measures.  Specific people in your team will also know exactly what is expected of them as you work to achieve your targets.

For project workshops

Developing a project plan can take months of  meetings and frustration. When you use the project initiation, refocus or review workshop process you will radically shorten and improve this process.  Large projects or program may require many workshops.  Some plans require fine detail.  However you will be able to appreciate significant steps forward in each session.  A typical project may require three days:

  • One day to move from concept to high level scope of work with the executive sponsors.
  • One day to scope out the detailed tasks, deliverables and risk and
  • One day to chart the tasks and deliverables on a sticky-notes network diagram

We will capture the information from each session to get it to you, usually the next day.

For process consulting

Sometimes even the most effective teams run into demotivating snags. We can make a massive difference through a process of Action Research.  You can expect us to conduct interviews with the utmost confidentiality and care.   You can also expect the information to collated and analysed against specific models to draw out learnings and identify areas for improvement.  You can expect intense conversation allowing everyone in your team to offer their particular wisdom.  At the end of the intervention you can expect clarity on the situation and a plan for the way forward.  As the team agrees a new way of working and they move away from ineffective behaviours, you can expect the release of massive energy, focussed on team goals.  So they get things done.

Guiding beliefs and values

In all of work with clients we are guided by the following precepts:

Our clients want clarity not solutions: Each of us have limitless creativity, giving us the capacity to respond to each new situation in a way that is unique, innovative and appropriate.  You as client will know what to do when you are faced with a clear and comprehensive view of your current situation.

People are the exponential factor: The spirit enthused can surmount incredible obstacles.  We just love people.

Techniques don’t work: Routinised, mechanical approaches to this work are a disaster.  As clients we all know when someone is applying a technique to us and we hate it.  Far better is to build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect, allowing freedom of expression.  This allows us to face each new situation willing to undo conclusions, to learn anew with freshness, innovation and relentless correction.

Our approach

With all of that in mind, what is it like to work with StrategyWorks?

We are flexible. Of course we have processes and methods for what we do.  But we always spend as much time as possible understanding the clients particular situation so that we can adapt our material to suit your needs.  This also means we are masters of the last minute plan.  Every now and then we are called in at the very last minute to work with a team.  And this is where we come into our own.

We are encouraging and uplifting. Our clients report feeling energised and positive after a session with Stephen.

Our Uniqueness

We bring a broad perspective. Stephen has worked in many industries in many roles and reads extensively around the latest management science research.  He is therefore able to draw on diverse perspectives as he works with clients.

We build strong relationships. Stephen build trusting relationships with the clients with whom he works.

And we just love this work. This is a mystery to us.  Make no mistake, it can be nerve wracking starting off with a new group in which conflict is rampant.  Especially so as groups usually aim their frustrations at the facilitator.  Nevertheless, we prevail in almost all of our workshops and are able to see healing and renewal happen in groups, as well as energy focus and action.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us, our approach and our philosophy, you may wish to go the “Our Offer” page to read about our specific services.