Nine pointers to creating a compelling vision

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Having a clear vision is very powerful.  In my last ever corporate job, I spent 45 minutes a day in the parking lot, writing my three daily pages of journal notes.  People were encouraging me to hold an exhibition.  Each day I would start my journal by writing, “What are you doing about your exhibition?”  [...]

Fourteen keys to success at Apple

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We have all done those strategy workshops when the facilitator says that our core values should not be more than 4 or five. But here are fourteen. And it is interesting that some of the favourites “Passion”, “People” “Service” are not even mentioned but taken for granted. When asked to describe his most important creation, [...]

Purpose – these three questions will clarify

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The illustration for this note, 'Sword of Purpose', comes from the highly developed work of Wylie Beckert who posts on DeviantArt as 'Wylielise'.  I would strongly recommend anyone with the slightest interest in visual art to visit her website to see the magic she has created and reflect on the skill and care she brings [...]