Solution-Focused Coaching – tools for team interaction

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We think we are open-minded. We assume we see all perspectives on an issue in a balanced, fair and Solution-Focused way. However research by Herbert Simon shows this not to be true. Our capacity to think freely is always bound by what we already know. And new ideas push us into the realm of resistance [...]

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Confrontation – Give difficult feedback

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There is real skill required to build warm relationships at the same time as you manage people to achieve high levels of delivery. It is easy to be either a nice ineffectual leader or a ruthless driver. It is a lot more difficult to drive and build appropriate relationships at the same time. And this [...]

Learning cycle: Break out of your Groundhog Day

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In the movie “Groundhog Day” Phil get’s stuck in a time loop and gets to relive the same day over and over. He tries different ways to fill his time. Eventually, tired of the repetition, he finds that not even suicide can get him out of the loop. it’s a very old movie, a classic, [...]

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Elevator Pitch: Does it engage or anaesthetise?

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"At StrategyWorks we craft the strategic conversation, in all of its expected and unexpected shapes and colours." That’s my elevator pitch.  It's my response to the question: “So what do you do?” My mini cliff-hanger. One of the ‘unexpected shapes’ turns out to be how the client answers this question. The topic of value proposition [...]

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Personal Mission Statement

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A mason was asked “what are you doing?” He said “can’t you see I am chipping stone” and carried on hammering in a lacklustre way. When asked the same question, another mason replied “I am building a cathedral” and continued hammering joyfully away. I have always been a little sceptical of this story.  It sounds [...]

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motivate teams through small wins

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Just about every board-game is developed around a simple principle. We love a sense of progress and are bothered by setbacks. We get a kick out ascending a ladder and are frustrated by having to slide down a snake. Dr Anna Tarrant from whom I took the illustration has used this principle quite creatively in [...]

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Urgency: Is your program faltering due to lack of creativity?

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You stand on a platform 15 stories above an icy ocean, filled with floating debris, twisted steel and patches of burning oil. It is chaos down there. And yet you jump! Whatever would make you do this? Well, the deck on which you are standing is ablaze and your boots are melting.  There is urgency.  [...]

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Six Stress Types

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What is an exciting adventure for one person may be highly stressful for another.  Since 1956, when Dr Hans Selye coined the term ‘stress’, our understanding of stress, its causes, impacts and remedies has grown. The many remedies for stress can be summarised by five generic approaches: Clarify values and goals. Develop self-affirming relationships Reframing [...]

Are you living in a monochrome palette?

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I have a presentation called "Your Life in Light and Colour".  In this presentation I use the painting of a watercolour as a metaphor for life, or at least life in business.  This has been well received and now I have decided to take it forward as an offer.   I am rewriting the material [...]

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