Solution-Focused Coaching – tools for team interaction

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We think we are open-minded. We assume we see all perspectives on an issue in a balanced, fair and Solution-Focused way. However research by Herbert Simon shows this not to be true. Our capacity to think freely is always bound by what we already know. And new ideas push us into the realm of resistance [...]

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Urgency: Is your program faltering due to lack of creativity?

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You stand on a platform 15 stories above an icy ocean, filled with floating debris, twisted steel and patches of burning oil. It is chaos down there. And yet you jump! Whatever would make you do this? Well, the deck on which you are standing is ablaze and your boots are melting.  There is urgency.  [...]

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How to create understanding by surfacing the hidden roles in your team

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You have been developing an offer for months. Now as you are preparing to launch, one person on your team continues to disrupt meetings with negative comments about the product. What do you do? Well, eventually you fire him of course. And in so doing you rid the team of the annoyance. You also rid [...]

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Solution-Focused Coaching – the space in-between

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In ‘The Mentalist’ Patrick Jane is a petty criminal turned consulting detective. Incredibly perceptive, with a deep understanding of human behaviour, he picks up all sorts of clues from people, alive or dead, that his likeable but flat-footed professional colleagues always miss. He then uses clever psychological ploys and strategies to get the perpetrator, whom [...]

Shades of dependence

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One of the most common rules for workshops is “Candour”.  “Speak your mind!”  But this is often the most difficult to practice.  To understand this reticence let’s consider our growth process and development from dependence. We grow in cycles. On entry into the world we see ourselves as part of our mother, “me and mom [...]

Solution Circle

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Here is an application of Solutions Focussed Coaching for teams, developed by Daniel Meier.  The approach has been elaborated and adapted by various authors to create a range and interesting and effective team workshop exercises.  I have used this in various forms with teams and have found it to be really powerful. The big idea [...]

The facilitator

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If you have participated in  facilitated sessions you will know that some facilitators are more successful than others.  But what distinguishes the good facilitators from the average?  Chemistry, personal style, trust, background, knowledge, credentials all seem to play a part.  Here is a list I have in a manual I created for a facilitation course. [...]

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How to keep the ball rolling when everyone else gets stuck

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Sometimes dialogue grinds to a halt. You put together an excellent agenda for a workshop but the group continues to get stuck.  The issue remains difficult to pinpoint.  This situation can be extremely frustrating for participants.  And it can be confusing and disheartening for the facilitator.  The conversation can go round in circles for hours. [...]

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A Decision Framework

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I recently ran two workshops with different energies: In the first we planned a project. Although there were many unfinished ideas to be discussed, we agreed the tasks and deliverables which teams wrote up on sticky notes.  We sequenced the notes on a wall chart, putting in dependencies, responsibilities and durations.  I captured the plan in MS [...]

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The V Model for Testing

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V Model – a succinct Test Strategy UAT is all about "How to Make Try to understand if the cake is ready".   Which is Google translate for:  "Come Fare la Prova per Capire se la Torta è Pronta".  Which you can read all about on WikiHow. Actually this is really more like a "System Test".  [...]

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