Executives tasked with executing strategy are called to significant undertaking

  • But leaders are often hindered by unclear direction, unenthusiastic teams and disengaged people. Therefore you stumble into false starts, with inadequate business strategy.  You watch one opportunity after another drift out of reach.
  • Even worse, leaders’ egos run out of track.  Your behaviour got you into leadership but now alienates your teams, erodes your credibility,  and creates doubt about your capacity to lead.  
  • Are you being sidelined?  Leaders often find us when they lose their voice. Their organisation loses sight of their skill and their message is ignored or misconstrued.  
  • But of course you are held to stiff targets.  Your targets have been set.  They escalated from last year, with no plausible logic.  And you just want to do well.  
  • At StrategyWorks we shape the conversation between leaders and their teams to clearly define where they want to go and how the team will work together.
  • We navigate the wasteland beyond the tracks.  We journey alongside leaders as they dream and create the future.

  • Coaching on Business Strategy and Team Leadership surfaces issues for Personal Mastery.  The Road Less Travelled sounds romantic but the journey can be both dreary and terrifying.  The coaching relationship provides cadence for persistence and a safe space within which to take on invisible obstacles, develop new behaviours and rediscover hidden parts of your personality.   


I guide leaders and teams through the difficult conversations leading to clarity and action. I work with leaders in small and medium organisations as well as teams within large corporates across a wide range of industries.  The leaders with whom I work like to collaborate to translate their ideas into clear strategies and solid plans for action.

Conversing in teams does not always work well. Teams and individuals often know their business and have exciting ideas for new products and services but may not be so sure about how to articulate their purpose, vision, strategy and clear plans to achieve their dreams.  When the team gathers to talk there is often conflict.  The topic may be complex.  It is usually urgent.  Quite often there have been false starts.  Leaders, teams and stakeholders are frustrated.  Leaders engage me when they see value in using an independent facilitator or coach to surface opportunities and obstacles and to define and execute their strategy.

As a client of StrategyWorks, you may be a business owner, leader, manager, or individual entrepreneur who wants to develop trust, clarity, commitment and accountability in your team in order to experience higher productivity and increased profits.

Are any of these the story you are telling now?

  • Our business is just starting up and we need to know how to prioritise to focus a critical mass of our resources on the right opportunities. We need a plan of action.
  • We have been nurturing a new approach to our business. Now it is time to get together as a leadership team, to look around, ahead and inside and to agree a strategy as well as some clear plans of action.
  • We meet once a year as leaders to review our strategy. We like to stick to a standard process but we are always keen to hear of new perspectives we can use to talk about our strategy.
  • We are operating in a mature market. We have excellent people and we know we can define a new niche, but what?


  • We have picked up a big project. We have the right resources.  Now we need to quickly invest our team in a clear and effective plan for our project.
  • We have been running our project for a year. Our project is going well but we want to step-back as a team, review how we are doing together, celebrate our victories, surface and deal with some tough issues, agree a plan for the next year and do something fun together as a team.
  • We are in the final stages of a big project. This has been a tough project.  People have worked hard and we have learnt some hard lessons.  In the final rush to delivery people in the team got frazzled and some sharp words were spoken.  We are all feeling a bit hurt, dazed and tired.  We don’t want to lose the content and the value of the lessons we have learnt.


  • Our clients don’t like our service. The teams we service are giving us consistently bad feedback on how we address their requirements.
  • We have completely lost our way. We want to step right back, review who we are and where we are going and refocus ourselves on a clear plan, congruent with the opportunities facing us and the environment within which we operate.
  • We are working at cross-purposes. We are all good at what we do.  However our expectations of each other are very different from what we are delivering.  And we seem to be using different processes.

  • I am doing well in my leadership role. Sometimes though, the decision making load is heavy and it would be great to have someone outside of this organisation to provide some undivided attention to my issues.  I don’t need advice!  But I would really like someone to listen as I unpack my thoughts on my current situation.
  • As a leader in my organisation I have just arranged an offsite session with my team. There is a lot going on and I would like to talk through the issues to get them clear in my mind before I enter the session.

As a client you have a choice of many coaches, facilitators and consultants. You will get the most value from working with me if you are:

  • Determined: You own your situation and are sure of what you want, even if it is simply something different from where you are now.
  • Proficient: You are good at what you do, probably at the top of your game.
  • Positive: You are routinely optimistic.  You appreciate when things go well and are able to reframe set-backs in a buoyant, confident and hopeful way.
  • Passionate: You love what you do.
  • Enquiring: You want to learn and find out what is working well and why.  And you want to improve what is ineffective.
  • Open: You listen, appreciate and reflect on new ideas as they come up in conversation.
  • Collaborative: You converse to understand, to advocate and enquire and to contribute to the definition of solutions and actions.


Now you know the kind of clients we work with, the issues we help them resolve and what our clients need to do to ensure their success.  You may wish to click on the following link to learn more about ‘How we Work‘.