In life we achieve results through action. Sustained, purposeful, meaningful action. This is the only way you will create a unique experience, your personal contribution to the world. Prolonged aimless, worthless and unrealistic activity produces inferior results. Ultimately, if you do nothing, you get nothing.

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Nobody cares about your intentions. Intentions are a good start. But they are only a start. Intentions without significant action are worthless. Life rewards what you DO. You may have intended to be at your daughters prize giving. You may have intended to follow up with that client. You may have intended to complete your degree. All these things you were going to do. But in the end, without action, these intentions are worthless.

The world measures your success only on delivery. Results! You may as well choose the same standard. This means no more procrastination. You have opportunities to take. Sometimes the window opens just so long and then it is closed. Forever! It also means demanding better treatment from those around you. Measuring their actions, not their words. Not accepting excuses. And not being governed by someone else’s view of who you should be.

We tell ourselves we have lots of time. But the years slip by. The anniversary we forgot today becomes the opportunity we missed for the last 10 years. You may think you have a long life to live, but perhaps you won’t be around for my next newsletter. This is not a dress rehearsal. You have one life to live and this is it.

Are you ready to make your own choices, take action and create an experience with outcomes all, uniquely your own.

Taking action means taking risks. Solving problems simply gets you back to where you should have been. Change requires you to create something new, perhaps without guarantees of success. What is the change you need to bring? Some people are good at taking risk. They stretch, stumble and rise. Unwilling to settle for what they are served up, they push until they get what they want. So what are you going to do? Are you going to pretend that what you have is okay or that you don’t deserve more?

There will be fear. Doing something new invariably incurs the derisive judgement of a world deeply suspiscious, envious and fearful of anything new. Having experienced this judgement, we may choose not go through it again. By not taking the chance we seek to avoid a world of pain. By hiding behind your fear you are wasting your gifts, you are not doing what only you can do. You are cheating yourself. You are cheating everyone whose life you could be touching.” Life does not reward quitting. Only we do that for ourselves. We buy ourselves a type of peace when we shrink back into the seductive safety of being a passenger, where there are no threats and no decisions to make as long as we tread water from one day to the next. But in our comfort we see our dreams drift out of reach. Sometimes passengers are taken to where they really don’t want to go, where the safety is whipped away and it is too late to take up the controls.

Can you justify your hesitation? Or are you laying down your arms in the face of a vague, looming threat that will dispel as someone else steps forward to claim your prize to a chorus of oohs, aahs and “if only-I-had-thought-of-that’s”?  Are you going reach the end of your life filled with regrets of what you didn’t try or are you going to give it a go, learn the lessons and push ahead?

Perhaps you are in pain. If you have been selling yourself and your vision short you may be feeling it right now. If you have not achieved what you could have, you have a decision to make. It is up to you whether you choose to acknowledge your role in where you are. By acknowledging your role in getting to where you are. By choosing to put denial aside. By embracing your pain, you can propel yourself onto a new path.

Now is your time. You know that winning happens. Winning happens to those who know what they want and move toward it in a strategic, consistent, meaningful, purposeful manner. Get started now. Take action. Insist on results. Make winning happen to you.