Urgency: Is your program faltering due to lack of creativity?

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You stand on a platform 15 stories above an icy ocean, filled with floating debris, twisted steel and patches of burning oil. It is chaos down there. And yet you jump! Whatever would make you do this? Well, the deck on which you are standing is ablaze and your boots are melting.  There is urgency.  [...]

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Four qualities of leaders

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In “Three Rivers of the Amazon”, adventurer Tim Biggs describes a run in with the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) guerrillas on the Apurimac River in Peru. The kayakers had slipped past the guerrillas unnoticed. When they tried to warn the rafting team they were spotted by the soldiers who, in a moment of confusion, dived [...]

Shades of dependence

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One of the most common rules for workshops is “Candour”.  “Speak your mind!”  But this is often the most difficult to practice.  To understand this reticence let’s consider our growth process and development from dependence. We grow in cycles. On entry into the world we see ourselves as part of our mother, “me and mom [...]

Fear of change and creative U Turns

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Fear of change can take us by surprise 'Callanish' is the story written by William Horwood about eagles in a zoo, tended by a keeper who had survived Sobibor.  The old eagle Minch talks about freedom… “Here we are very safe,' said Minch, and we cannot be hurt.  Our food is brought to us, and [...]

Condition 2: Compelling direction

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Delivering in  self managing teams depends on a clear, authoritative direction.  In fact effective self-management is impossible unless someone in authority sets the direction for the work to be done.  This may be a team leader, or project manager, an outside person who engages the team or the team itself in the case of boards [...]

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