Strategy Map: Don’t drop the tool as it begins to deliver value

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Strategy Map is an excellent way to facilitate the strategic agenda by providing the link, or pivot between the development process and the planning process.

Effective team coaching – condition #5

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What interventions do you use to engage your teams? And when do you do them? J Richard Hackman author of ‘Leading Teams’, describes three levers for effectiveness and three key milestones in a team life-cycle when intervention can have the most impact.

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paired comparison analysis

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Working Out the Relative Importance of Different Options. Paired Comparison Analysis is a good way of weighing up the relative importance of criteria, which may be conflicting.  It is useful where you do not have objective data to base this on or when priorities are not clear, or are competing in importance. Follow these steps [...]

grid analysis

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This is a mechanical, way to prioritise a list of possibilities against a set of cirtieria.  This can be used to facilitate decision making in a workshop. Use the following steps: List your options as rows in a table. List the factors that are important for making the decision as column headings. Decide on weightings [...]

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How to start strategic planning through workshops and coaching

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Are you ready for a strategic plan for your business?  Do you know where to start?  Defining and implementing a strategy is an exciting step for any organisation.  Perhaps you have a great idea that has exploded beyond the capacity of your start-up group.  Or maybe you have all the skills and resources but, especially [...]

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Strategy models – making sense of a history of strategy

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There are many different approaches to strategy out there. Ever since I have been facilitating strategy workshops I have been looking for strategy models to make sense of all of the different views on strategy. Well I have found a good one. I am reading “Strategy Safari” by Mintzberg, Ahlstrand and Lampel, who collectively bring [...]

Deconstruction – the learning process that supports change

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There are many models describing change.  Here is one offered to us on the I-Coach masters programme.  I used two pictures because the formal 'four-box' picture just does not get near to describing the confusion, frustration and despair that accompanied the learning process for me.  I would like to have extended the 'despair' block right [...]

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