Strategic plan:  To engage everyone in delivering your strategy you need a plan. Having completed “Setting Strategy” you now have also carried out an analysis of your current situation and how the future may unfold. You also have a statement of purpose, an agreed set of values and a vision. You will also have a draft list of the critically important goals you will achieve to move towards your vision.

The next step in the process is to translate this core of your strategy into a strategic plan for your team. When you are finished the strategy process you and your teams will have a detailed plan of action showing what each person will complete, on a weekly basis to move your organisation towards your vision.

Actually you may choose to compile a few different plans, including:

  • A process improvement plan
  • Sales plan
  • Process measures and targets
  • Project portfolio
  • Operating plan
  • Budget
  • Resource capacity plan


And this is the part that gets confusing. Talking about what is happening in your industry, how well you have done and all of these plans for the next period can be overwhelmingly complex.

This next step however is designed to resolve this complexity and create a bridge or strategic plan between your analysis and the core of your strategy and the detailed plans you use to manage the implementation of your strategy.

At StrategyWorks we use the following tools in this process:

  • Strategy Map:  The best known format for a strategic plan.  Creating a systemic view of the Key areas of performance on which your organisation conducts business.  Read more…
  • Solutions Focussed dialogue: Beginning the difficult topics with a clear view of the ideal future.  Read more…
  • Detailed view of the Key Areas of Performance: Once the areas of performance have been established in your strategic plan, your team will have opportunity agree the detail in each area.
  • Strategic initiatives: One of the details for each Key Area of Performance is the Strategic Initiatives required to establish each Key Area as an effective process.
  • Balanced Scorecard:  Agreeing the measures for strategic delivery from the top to the bottom of the organisation.  Read more …