Working groups run into obstacles.  Difficulties may arise from technical or structural issues in which the person pushing the strategy does not have skills or experience.

Obstacles to strategy invariably carry a gift.  When you run out of options the gift is the new approach as well as the confirmation of your ability to learn.  As you engage with a new problem you may apply each of the tools in your toolbox until you realise the tool you need is not there.  Through persevering in the learning process we can add a new tool to our toolbox.

It is possible to overcome strategy obstacles.  Group work sessions and individual coaching can make a massive difference.  As we coach clients in StrategyWorks we draw on a rich toolbox of models and processes to deal with issues cropping up in strategic endeavour.  This toolbox, apart from the strategy toolset includes tools for:

Aligning teams

  • Appreciative Inquiry exercises.
  • Defining Small wins (from Teresa Amabile)
  • Setting boundaries for leaders (from Henry Cloud)
  • A model for self-managing teams (from J Richard Hackman)
  • Understanding Conflict.
  • A model for successful confrontation.
  • Tools for delegating tasks in teams

Personal mastery

  • Assertiveness and boundaries
  • Effective communication
  • Crafting the job you want
  • Dealing with Fear
  • Building emotional agreement in interactions
  • Writing skills
  • Effective use of time

I use a coaching model based on the work of James Flaherty to which I have added a Solutions Focussed Approach.